Ten other things to do at Ten P.M.

OK it's after Ten again and you've just realized I'm no longer on the News, and if you got this far you know why. So what else can you do at this hour? Well I have a few options.

Read a good book. If you like history, try "The Coldest Winter" by David Halberstam, an excellent chronicle of the Korean War and the last book he wrote before he died. I also recommend the Eisenhower biography "Ike" by Michael Korda. If you're looking for non-fiction try "The Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett and the sequel "World Without End". And you can't go wrong with the outstanding LA crime writer Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch series.

Start a journal. Nobody's life is more important than yours, so why not write it down (and put it all in there, you're not going to show it to anybody are you)?

Get another hours know you need it.

Do some real research on who you're going to vote for in November. Everything you need is online, go to the candidates websites first, then major news organizations, then the blogs. I promise, there's a lot you don't know.

Write a letter to your Congressman or State legislator. There must be something you're upset about (or maybe you think they're doing a good job.they don't hear that often). If you can't think of anything to write, just ask who their top twenty contributors are and then ask for the last two years voting record (ask for these two things in the same sentence).

Start thinking about getting Green at's not that hard and doesn't cost that much to make some simple environmental changes. Have you switched out those old incandescent bulbs for screw in fluorescents yet?

Make a note to buy one of these three stocks first thing tomorrow, you may never see them this cheap again (I'm writing this on 3/13/08 and these are today's quotes) GM (General Motors)$19.20, UAUA (United Airlines) $22.26, and YGE (Yingi.a Chinese Solar Power Co.) $13.88.

Get your tax stuff together, you know you always wait to the last minute.

Make a promise to find one really good charity and donate enough that it hurts just a little (you'll sleep better).

And finally, if you're lucky to have someone you love there beside you.remember why you love them so much, and then show them.