The man most qualified to be America's first Black President.and why it will never happen.

Am I saying Barak Obama won’t be President? Not at all, the man I’m talking about had his chance at the Presidency eliminated by his link to the invasion of Iraq. I’m talking about Colin Powell, soldier, statesman and reluctant warrior.

He was born in Harlem, to Jamaican parents…earned a degree from City College of New York and was commissioned a second Lieutenant in the Army upon graduation.  He was a career soldier for 35 years, wounded twice in Vietnam and rising to the rank of 4-star General.

He became Ronald Reagan’s National Security Advisor in 1987 and in 1989 he was named as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. In January 2001 President George W. Bush named Powell as Secretary of State. From the first day he was the most popular and arguably the most experienced man in the White House.

He was the author of the “Powell Doctrine” which essentially says before you commit the US military, you make sure the objective is clear and of critical importance. If so, you commit massive force and resources. We exercised the “Powell Doctrine” in the first Persian Gulf War (the one we won), and we ignored it completely in the last one.

Powell clashed with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld on the need to invade Iraq and tried to talk George Bush out of it, explaining the huge potential downside of invading an Arab country. As a result he was marginalized and bypassed during much of decision making process. The Secretary of State, a 4-star General, was essentially taken out of the loop.

And still, as a good soldier and loyal member of the administration he carried the US argument for invasion before the UN,  backed by shaky evidence from an intelligence gathering operation that ran through the White House, not to it. He was the man who sacrificed his reputation and future political career to try to sell the world on the need for a war he thought was a mistake. He was loyal…to a fault, and because of that he’s no longer mentioned as a potential Commander in Chief, a job he’s more qualified for than any man in nearly fifty years (since Dwight Eisenhower).

He is a Republican, albeit a moderate one…basically he’s not a political person. He hasn’t endorsed anyone in the race, he’s contributed to McCain, but is on good terms with Clinton and Obama as well. Which gives him an interesting range of options, he might do nothing…he might endorse Obama, which would add little to his campaign or…and this is a big or…he might become John McCain’s Vice Presidential candidate, which wouldn’t add much to that campaign either (two moderate Republicans, both with military backgrounds, no real regional sway). BUT it would take some of the African American vote from Obama, and in a close race that might be enough.



And remember…since Powell left the Bush administration after the first term, he has made it clear (as have the authors of numerous books on the war), that he tried to at least slow the race to war, and better still…if he’s in another administration he might be able to slow or stop the next one.