LA's national treasure.for fifty great years

He’s a guy most of us take for granted, because he goes about his business in such a professional and unobtrusive manner, deliberately not drawing attention to himself. But he does this very special job in a way no one else ever has…because no one else can. He’s a poet, a historian, and a storyteller…making it all sound as easy as chatting with your neighbor over the fence.

Nearly all of us see or hear him about this time of the year, and we know…at least subconsciously…who that voice belongs to. It’s Vinny, Vin Scully, arguably the best sportscaster ever to sit behind a mike. Vinny knows all this of course, he’s won every major award there is…so he can just relax now. But of course that’s what makes him Vinny in the first place…his whole presentation is relaxing. It’s almost better to be in a hammock with a cold one listening to Vinny on the radio than it is to be at the game. Of course, being at the game and listening at the same time is the ultimate experience.

All longtime Dodger fans have dozens of highlight memories from games past and it’s hard to recall those memories without remembering Vinny’s soundtrack playing along with them.

I’ve met Vinny a few times and we’ve done some charity work together. I guess my biggest personal thrill was going up to the broadcast booth one day at Dodger stadium and watching the master at work. After saying hello, he went back to painting another impressionist masterpiece, a Dodger blue sky, a light breeze curling out to right field…maybe a bit of trivia about the batter or pitcher, where they went to school or an unusual hobby they might have, then…a shift in the outfield and a casual reference to a similar situation years ago.

Vin’s a scholar as well, if you’ve ever heard him speak (and you should if you ever get the chance) you’ll soon learn he’s as eloquent on Shakespeare as he is on baseball. I sometimes wonder what it must have been for his three children to have their bedtime stories read by one of the country’s most gifted and soothing orators.

Vin Scully doesn’t work quite the hectic schedule he did years ago, spending more time with his wife Sandy. He’s earned it of course, but we’re still just a little jealous when the Dodgers are playing and Vinny’s anyplace but Chavez Ravine.