I LOVE my Kindle.

There are advantages and disadvantage to being out of work, the biggest disadvantage is of course the lack of income. The biggest advantage is having the luxury of time, time to travel, catch up with friends.and read, that's where Kindle comes in.

Kindle is Amazon's great new electronic reader. It's about the size and weight of a paperback but can put nearly any new book in your hands in about 5 minutes, without a visit to the bookstore. And it's cheaper (Kindle bestsellers usually cost $9.99 other older books are cheaper).a Kindle book is yours to keep permanently in it's immense memory (Amazon says Kindle can hold 200 books) when it's full you can either erase a few books or move them onto your home computer.

The screen is crisp and easy to read and Kindle has extraordinary battery life.up to a week if you turn it off when not reading, days if you forget. The screen is not backlit, so you can't read in total darkness, but it needs very little light to be as legible as a real book.

There are two negatives, Kindle is not cheap and it takes some getting used to. It sells for $359 on Amazon (the only place you can get it) and in the beginning I kept turning the page accidentally by holding it incorrectly.but I quickly adjusted and that rarely happens now. There's also a very brief lag as the page redraws but soon you don't notice it anymore than you would turning pages in a low-tech (paper) book.

The best part of all is traveling with Kindle. Instead of taking four or five books on a long trip as I sometimes do, you just download several onto Kindle before or as you go. If you're stuck in an airport or have a long wait enroute, you're never more than a couple of minutes away from a great book, newspaper, magazine, whatever.and you don't have to leave your seat. The download uses a highspeed cell signal, so you don't need WiFi or a computer.

I know there are other electronic readers out there, I have a friend who has a Sony digital reader and he's very happy with that one, I haven't seen the Sony so I can't speak to that, all I know is.

I LOVE my Kindle!