11/20/2008    A major environmental victory today you may have missed…

In a move that has left heads spinning on Capital Hill, California congressman Henry Waxman today ousted one of the most senior members of Congress from the critically important House Energy and Commerce Committee.  Even though both men are Democrats, Waxman and long time chairman Michigan Congressman John Dingell could not be more different.

Dingell has fought hard and effectively for decades against reasonable  
environmental and efficiency standards for the auto industry and may  
be as responsible as any man alive for the miserable state of the  
industry and failing efforts to clean the air of auto and utility  


Waxman, from California’s 30th Congressional district (Santa Monica, Beverly Hills) has been an effective legislator for years,  but with a Democratic Congress and a President committed to forward thinking environmental reforms…his best and most durable achievements lie before him.


With Waxman in a position to generate positive legislation on environmental matters, and not just to slow down or block oil and coal friendly changes coming from a Republican Congress and President…all of us, and our kids…will be able be breathe an eventually cleaner sigh of relief.