I started this website to let people know where I went after leaving KTTV, Fox-11 News (my contract wasn’t renewed). There have been 1.8 million hits on the website since that time and I continue to be both flattered and grateful for the interest. There just isn’t enough time to reply to all the emails but I try to get to as many as I can.


In the time since KTTV, I’ve been doing a lot of traveling and writing (some, but not much of it here). I’m finishing up a book that I hope will be published sometime next year and have plans for at least one more. The first book has absolutely nothing to do with TV news, it’s a murder mystery and I think (and hope) it’s a good one.


I also promised to let people know if and when I would return to TV news and I think that time may be near…what I don’t know is if that return will be in California or my home state of North Carolina. I’ve spent a lot of time in N.C. lately (have a home and farm there) and as I get older I feel the tug of the Tar Heel state (that’s a little hard to say, since I’m a huge East Carolina fan). I also would like to do some teaching. If I can combine that and work and a good N.C. TV station, and there are many of them…that might be a perfect fit.


Either way, I will keep the website updated on work and the book(s), add some videos as I go (including some really fun moments) and continue to appreciate your interest…


Always grateful,